Work Memorial Park - Timeline

Based on original research by F. Watson & others.

See also Arroyo Del Rey Watershed Timeline.

  1. 1953, Dec 28. Work Memorial Park - Deed from Work family to City

    "... for Park, School and other municipal purposes. Part of the property may be used for Church Purposes in the discretion of the City Council."

    Property was previously a melon farm and pig ranch (Monterey County Weekly, 16-May-2013).
  2. 1980s to circa 2012. Work Memorial Park used as a golf driving range, operated by a lessee.
  3. 2012, April 27. Work Memorial Park. Article in Monterey Herald. Site abandonned as a golf driving range by former lessee. Future uses contemplated include: horse stables, seasonal recreational vehicle lot for visitors attending events at Laguna Seca Recreation Area, church day-care, Safeway employee parking, senior housing trailer park, or recreation center with a sports bar, driving range, bocce ball courts and sand volleyball courts.

    Environmental consultant hired (presumably Denise Duffy & Associates).
  4. 2013, May 16. Work Memorial Park. Article in Monterey County Weekly. Site abandonned as a golf driving range by former lesee and now being considered for various uses such as "a rec center with a volleyball court adjacent to existing tennis courts; a sports bar; an RV park to house Laguna Seca visitors; additional Safeway parking; <...> an indoor-outdoor bocce court <or> a stable that would lead to horse trails hooking up with the proposed Monterey Downs development across Fort Ord".
  5. 2014, Oct 20. Work Memorial Park. "Draft Initial Study Negative Declaration for the Tope’s Sustainable Garden Center. Prepared for the City of Del Rey Oaks" by Denise Duffy & Associates.
  6. 2015, Jan 20. Lease Agreement for portions of Work Memorial Park, between City of Del Rey Oaks and Del Rey Oaks Garden Center.
  7. 2015, March 11. Del Rey Oaks Garden Center under construction. Article in Monterey Herald.
  8. 2015, April 8. Conditional Use Permit granted by city to Mitsugu Mori allowing Mr Mori to construct haul road between Garden Center and Wilson Way (behind Safeway).
  9. 2015-2017. Haul road constructed across Work Memorial Park. Aerial imagery shows no road on 4/13/2015, partial road on 4/15/2016, fully-connected road on 8/16/2017, and a more substantial road on 2/4/2018.
  10. 2015, May 15. CSUMB ENVS 560 graduate student research projects & associated reports. Henson, Smith, Watson. Preliminary Flood Inundation Map and Conceptual Stream Restoration Plan for Work Memorial Park, Del Rey Oaks, CA. Not posted. May be available on request.

  11. 2015, Nov 15. CSUMB graduate class project for City of DRO: "Stormwater mapping and land use analysis, City of Del Rey Oaks, California".

  12. 2019, April. Work Memorial Park. Detailed topographic survey by CSUMB graduate class. Not posted. May be available upon request.
  13. 2019, May 3. Work Memorial Park. Topographic Survey by L&S Engineering and Surveying, Inc., for City of Del Rey Oaks.
  14. 2020. Fort Ord Regional Trail and Greenway: EIR certified by TAMC and Master Agreemnent approved by City of Del Rey Oaks and other municipalities. Proposed trail alignment runs through Work Memorial Park.